Feb 13, 2015

How to Manually Upgrade or Flash Your Android Smartphone

Flash or Upgrade your Android Device

All In One Guide For Flashing And Manually Update Your Smartphone

Some days ago I found that My Android Device (SPICE MI 506) is upgraded to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat but there is no notification and upgrade option in my Device so I decided to Upgrade it Manually, iNext dayIdownloaded all required files and Upgraded to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.Now after some Research, reading some guides and with my own experience, I am going to show You that how Easily you also can Manually upgrade or Flash your Android Smart phone.

Ever wondered how you can Flash or Manually Upgrade your Android Device? Follow all steps one by one Carefully to flash your phone without risk and to reduce the chances of brick.Flashing and Upgrading is risky,b ut Reward Never Comes Without Risk. I personally used it hundreds of time without damaging my device.

 Before anything else just go to these sites (GSM FORUM or NEEDROM  )and search the flash files of your device.Navigate to BRAND and then your desired model.Match and check the Android version, if you found updated version then congratulate you can upgrade your android device.

Must follow these Important Points before Flashing and Upgrading
  1. Brand and Model must be same Otherwise you can Brick your Smart Phone.
  2. Never Downgrade Android Version of your Smart Phone. 
  3. Before trying anything Make a complete Backup of your data and your system first.(Highly recommended)because all data of your device will be deleted.

"*If you don't have Custom recovery then follow this All in one guide on*"
  • SP Flash Tool

    SP FLASH Tool is an Android based flashing software.SP Flash tool can modify overall system of your Android device.It is used to Flash, manually update, formate and backup operations for most of the android devices.This is also used to Unbrick Your smart phone.
    *Never use Formate Option it will delete everything, Everything means Everything system data, partition data etc and your phone will be hardly bricked.so never use formate option if it is not necessary. 
  • Requirements:-
  1. Your Smartphone must be >70% charged. 
  2.  A windows PC/lappy with USB VCOM driver installed.You can download the USB VCOM driver for all MTK device from HERE or HERE or you can search and download from google.
  3. Download SP FLASH Tool from HERE
  4. Download flash files for your Android Smart Phone from GSM FORUM or NEEDROM  (you can also donate these very helpful sites for there hard work, all details are given on their page)
  5. Winrar to extract all downloaded files.
  • Procedure:-  

Flash or Manually Upgrade Your Android Device
  1. Make a complete backup of your data and system before attempting all the following process.  
  2. Make everything ready and connect your device to your PC through data cable and allow all driver installation.if you find any error then just install all the drivers from the given links.
  3. Unplug the usb cable from the device.
  4. Download and Extract SP Flash Tool and extract it in your PC Hard disk.
  5. Download Flash Files From Above Link and extract it in your PC.
  6. Run flash_tool.exe from MTK Flash tool folder.
  7. Click on scatter loading, then navigate to the scatter.txt of your device you can find it in the extracted Folder (step 5).(see in above picture=Point1)
  8. Now regions of your device will be loaded.
  9. If you are upgrading then Make sure that all the boxes are checked (see in above picture=Point2) and Firmware Upgrade option is selected from dropdown menu.(see in above picture=Point 4)
  10. Now switch off your Smart Phone Remove Battery and Reinsert it.
  11. Connect it with PC through USB.
  12. And Click on the Download Option in SP Flash Tool.(see in above picture=Point3)
  13. In the Progress bar of SP Flash tool first a blue/Purple bar will appear then red and then yellow.it will take about 10 minutes to complete.
  14. if success then Download OK window will appear.
  15. Now Unplug the USB cable from the device remove the battery and reinsert it and Press the Power button.It will take almost 2-5 minutes to boot up.so just watch the Screen and wait for the first look of your Android Home Screen.
  16. Your phone is successfully flashed.
  17. It's simple isn't it?^_^

**DISCLAIMER: Above method are working and having good success, but do it on your own risk we are not responsible for any damage or brick** 

That's All, Now you know that "How To Flash or Manually Upgrade your Android Smart Phone" With The Help Of SP Flash Tool.
"** If you don't have Custom Recovery For Your Android Smart Phone Then Make a Custom recovery.img with My Previous Post 

Make Custom Recovery For Any Android Device**"

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